Who Are We

Feral Watch & TNR is a registered non-profit company (NPC 2020/065177/08) with PBO number 930070126.  The organisation was founded in 2018 after being a branch of Feral Care Friends since 2016.  We run operations mainly in and around the Highveld Ridge area which has a large population of so-called gutter cats that reside in this area.  

Our main focus is to establish cared for, controlled & healthy feral cat colonies. We are a pro-life & pro-sterilization organization. This means that we do not euthanize healthy animals.

Like most animal welfare organisations, we rely on public support & donations to continue the good work. We can now issue a Section 18 (A) tax receipt for your donations.

Feral Watch’s methods are approved by the NSPCA.  Over the past 2 years, we have already established various controlled colonies.  We currently care for almost 400 cats daily!





About Operations

  • We work with feral cats only, not domestic cats
  • Cats/kittens  are not removed unless their lives are in imminent danger
  • We are not a shelter for unwanted domestic cats
  • Do not feed colonies, if you are not going to TNR them
  • We do not support ‘’free to good home’’ advertisements for many reasons
  • We do adoptions, but keep in mind that a feral cat’s transition to domestic life is a slow process and some may never fully transition
  • Please contact your local SPCA for animal emergencies or to report cruelty!


What Does TNR Mean


Humane live-trapping the day before procedure, lured by tasty food into a special cage


Spayed or neutered by our trusted Veterinarian, vaccinated & ear-tipped for identification


Released back into their territory as soon as awake after procedure and no other concerns are present


About Feral Cats

  • Feral cats are not domestic cats, but are born in the wild & are independent beauties
  • They live in colonies of which the size & temperament may vary, forming around food sources
  • A matriarchal rule holds for cats. They are territorial and seldom just lets in a newcomer
  • You can’t dump a cat with other cats in a colony as they won’t just be welcomed & will have to fight for survival
  • Killing feral cats does not lower their numbers and new feral cats will soon take up their place (“vacuum effect”)
  • Feral cats are scared of human interaction and will not survive in a caged environment for long
  • They have to fight for survival every day
  • A female cat can fall pregnant at the young age of 4 months with 4-6 kittens.  In 7 years, one pair of unfixed cats and their offspring can produce more than 300 000 kittens
  • Males can smell the females in heat from miles away. This is also why your unfixed male will walk around
  • If they went through a TNR program, you will identify them by their badge of honor: a tipped ear


How many cats were spayed or neutered by us in 2019 to 2023?

These cats will not contribute further to the overpopulation of felines and they will live healthier & happier lives!  

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