Unless a kitten is hurt or in obvious danger or distress……DO NOT REMOVE THEM. It can easily take a day or more for a mommy to move her litter. She usually feeds one side then goes back and feeds the other side before moving the next kitten. This repeats until all are moved. So especially if they are quiet, let them be!

  • Their mom offers them the greatest chance for survival.
  • They need their mother’s milk as it is best for them.
  • Mom is likely getting food or relocating them or hiding from you.
  • Keep your distance from the litter as mom won’t return until you do.
  • It can take several hours for mom to return.
  • Only remove them if they are in imminent or grave danger.
  • Please contact us for advice before removing any cats.
  • When you remove kittens/cats, you have to take responsibility for them.
  • Studies suggest kittens should stay with mom up until 13 weeks as they learn valuable skills from her.